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Embrace the Artist – You!

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Long ago in the heart of the Creator

Was birthed the love for the Artist – You!

Fashioned in His image, delighted in with joy

You were made to create something new.

Fearless and excited, abounding with ideas,

You took to task your birthright and call.

Curious and playful, you encountered the world

But somewhere along the way that wasn’t all.

You also discovered robbers and thieves

The ones who told you, “You’re so naïve"

And thus robbed you of trying

From the shame you received.

Then there were naysayers

And mockers galore.

They stole your confidence

Til you created no more.

The doubters, the fear-mongers

They moved in on you too.

The perfectionist, the critics

The busy-bodies, who knew?

And don’t forget all the voices

That haunt you from your past:

That teacher, your mother,

That lover you had last.

With all these assaults

on the creativity of heart

The time has come to reclaim it,

to heal the broken parts.

For these wounds were made to mend

And the artist within grow stronger,

To purge the soul of squatters,

To be held captive to lies no longer.

So come do justice to the thieves of your heart,

To dis-empower the critics

Is where it all must start.

Stir up your creativity

Engage your soul again.

Embrace the artist – You!

She delights to be your friend!


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