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Louder Than Words

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Paint a picture of your heart’s dream.

Sculpt a new reality as hard as it may seem.

Communicate your story, your joy, your pain.

Let the pencil be your author, the poet to train.

Give your anger expression, a means to be subdued.

May the brokenness of heart together be glued.

Let the beauty of your color be evident and seen.

May the image of who you are be unlike a magazine.

Allow true character within you to be reconstructed once again,

Built up like wood, and fortified by friends.

May the sorrow of your experience be exchanged for joy unknown.

May trusting in the process be the thread that is sown.

May fear no longer hold you prison to your past,

But by drawing new conclusions may you find a hope that lasts.

Let creation be the means by which your heart is heard,

For art is the voice that speaks louder than words.


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