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Tiny Pieces

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

“Tiny Pieces”

A few weeks ago, I was using my nippers (mosaic tool) to cut pieces of glass and place them in small holes for a mosaic I was creating. God reminded me that He was in the small things and was working out the details in my life.

Small pieces are important. They help define things and are strategic in the overall quality of a piece of art. As beautiful as small pieces can be, in life, it is painful to go through seasons that require nipping and pruning. It feels devastating when things are removed, but it is also necessary. God is shaping and positioning us to fit into the specific places He wants us to be. Where there are holes, God wants to fill them- both in our hearts and souls.

When we are intentionally placed near others who support us, we will shine even more. He is creating beauty from the broken pieces. Sometimes we may feel small, but we are crucial to the complete design. God is fashioning us for the perfect fit.

Such is the case with me. It has been a year since the launch of my website and there has been even more nipping in my life. I have experienced God’s removal of familiar pieces for the purpose of placing me strategically where He wants me in this new season. It would require letting go and trusting Him to put me near others that would bring about a new glory.

At the end of May 2021, I resigned from working on the front lines during the pandemic to pursue my call as an Artist. I kept feeling the Lord say “Now is the time”. As I created more glass and grouted mosaic pieces, I also enjoyed experimenting with different objects and materials like necklaces, coasters, trays, etc. All of which require a lot of detail work.

In terms of advertising, I knew the familiar way of posting on Facebook and sharing via word of mouth was not enough. It was time to overcome fear and step out to start my business, for real. Initially, I attempted to rent space at a store that was opening up in another county, but that was short-circuited as they decided not to open the area I was renting for another 2 months. I was disappointed, but knew I had to persevere.

God was telling me to partner with someone. As I assessed whom God had intentionally placed near me, it was evident that another artist friend of mine had a similar call to launch out as an artist. I learned, once again, that being positioned rightly is an important part of fulfilling God’s purpose and plan. Nick Folz, who is a blown glass artist, has joined me in this venture and together we have rented a space in Buford, Georgia. I am excited to work with him and learn new things in the process. As you can see, God really is in the details!

I invite you to check out our space located at The Painted Tree 1600 Mall of Georgia Boulevard, Suite 900, Buford, GA 30519. Be sure to stop in vendor space F3, near the right side of the store, close to the checkout center.

Other exciting news, I submitted 2 mosaic pieces to the Atlanta Mosaic Art Guild’s show “Piecing it Together II” that runs from Sept 1-27, 2021 at the Sewell Mill Library and Cultural Center in Roswell, GA. Please feel free to view my mosaic work there as well.

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